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Design & Print Branded Office Wear for a Professional and Comfortable Look

Claire Conway

Design & Print Branded Office Wear for a Professional and Comfortable Look

There was a time when almost Corporate Workwear by TC Span Americaall companies insisted all employees wore the same, uncomfortable and stiff uniforms. While uniforms help the workplace look more professional, with the exception of the fast food and medical industries, you don't see many these days. Eventually, employers found that they had happier employees when they didn't force them into uncomfortable clothing. But today, new options are available that can offer the best of both worlds. Employees can enjoy comfortable clothing while the company enjoys the benefits of a workforce in uniform.

Why Have So Many Workplaces Abandoned Uniforms?

Sadly, traditional uniforms were uncomfortable and quickly became unfashionable. Employees found them difficult to work in because they often fit poorly, designed for a specific body type not shared by all workers.Many uniforms became embarrassingly outdated as employers spent little time thinking about changing fashions and the way uniforms influence their branding efforts. Employers eventually grew tired of the struggle with workers over uniforms and so developed dress codes instead, allowing employees to wear what they pleased within certain limits. This also reduced the strain of uniforms on HR budgets.

Why Workplace Uniforms Now?

By rejuvenating the workplace uniform, businesses can standout amid competitors. Since uniforms have been out of fashion, new materials,printing methods and other technologies have come along. Customizing and printing branded office wear allows employers to offer their workers fashionable,affordable, branded uniforms that employees will want to wear.

Benefits of Workplace Uniforms

- Each employee becomes a form of advertisement for your company.
- Customers can instantly identify an employee, letting them know who to approach for help, an important part of good customer service.
- Uniforms offer a sense of unity for workers, the knowledge they are part of a team with a single goal.
- Purchasing workplace uniforms that brandish company names and logos usually allows for tax deductions. A nice little bonus indeed!

Why Invest in a Company Uniform?

Fundamentally, a uniform supports your brand's identity. Instead of viewing them as a human resources issue, they belong in the area of branding, marketing and public relations. The right uniform can support brand recognition among other benefits, while allowing employees comfortable work clothing that saves them from investing in a work wardrobe.

How to Create a Company Uniform

There are no rules when it comes to deciding what uniform is the right one. The colors and styles of clothing that make up the uniform should tie directly with the company's visual branding. Polo shirts, modern-cut-shirts, comfortable pants and more can all be customized with your company's branding.

When designing your company's uniforms, dare to be different. Shirts come in a range of styles so have some fun designing t-shirts with company catch phrases and slogans that bring a smile to people's faces. Consider providing employees with jackets or aprons emblazoned with the company logo. Lanyards, key chains and other necessary workplace items are also great places to promote the company name.

Create uniforms using Custom Corporate Design & Print Branded Office Wear that is easy to wear, easy to care for and embraced by employees.

TC Span America can help you design and create the perfect company uniforms. Call 1-800-732-3881 or fill in our online contact form and we'll give you a free quote and advice on applying your branding design to comfortable workplace uniforms.

Added on 02/26/2013

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